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Falls Church High School - Class of 1970

 Paw Print 1969-1970

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(Hey, it took me 40 years to realize the Jaguar isn't giving the thumbs up, that's his tail!)

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CLASS OF 1970 - 50th REUNION IN 2020

2020 = 50 Years Since Our 1970 Graduation!

We're well into the years of "procedures" (see: Billy Crystal in City Slickers), joint replacements, retirement, grandchildren, wrinkles, and.....memories.

Time to be thinking about how we'd like to look back on 50 years + 4 in FCHS --

A dinner?  A one-time meet-up somewhere in the old 'hood?  A lunch?  A picnic?  Summer?  Columbus Day weekend?

Start thinking.  A survey will be coming out at some point. 

We will also need people to help with planning beginning next year.

And check to see that your contact info is up to date.  If you know any classmates (any year) who aren't registered, see about getting them to sign up.  The more the merrier!




NEW - UPDATE FROM FCHS WEBSITE (includes artist renderings):  https://fallschurchhs.fcps.edu/about/renovation-updates


FCHS Full Building Renovation Slated for 2021

Called "decaying and obsolete" - what does that make us?

Falls Church High School will be totally upgraded and expanded, with the work scheduled to begin in 2021.

“Everything is going to be new. Every space will be totally renovated,” says Godson Nwosu, of the facilities department at Fairfax County Public Schools.

Getting the decaying and obsolete school upgraded has been a long-term of the the Falls Church PTSA and school board member Sandy Evans, as they tried for years to get the school board to revise the FCPS “renovation queue,” which is used to set a school for school construction projects.

The 265,000-square-foot school will be expanded with about 160,000 additional square feet.

There will be a brand-new science wing and about 20 new classrooms, Nwosu says.

There will also be new collaboration space for project-based learning; a new, larger gym; a new lecture hall; a new music wing; a new culinary wing in the Career and Technical Education area, which will be relocated; and new administration offices.

The school will have all new windows, ceilings, mechanical systems, and lighting and additional parking spaces.

Construction will take four years, as the work will mainly be done in the summer, Nwosu says. “By the time we’re done, the community will be proud of it.”


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Take a moment to visit 

"In Memory"



From John Birch:

 Startled to read the Memorial Litany, I thought this of my joy at knowing them and you.

We are all urgent waves upon the sea,
fortunate to merge to form solutions,
to share but not to own the molecules of our being,
to race on through lifetime & space,
until release on a lonely beach,
and join the rest,
remembered in the warmth of the sands

Adding personal stories honors the memory of our classmates who are no longer with us  

We have scanned all of the 1970 Senior Photos -


if you would like yours posted in your profile,
please send a note using "Contact Us" on the left!


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•   Sandra Freeman (Parnell)  1/25
•   Michael Murphy  1/21
•   Michael Welch  1/20
•   Thomas Bell  1/14
•   Ricardo Raphael  11/29
•   Patricia "Patty" Trinkle (Johnson (1971))  11/19
•   Don Ricks (Ricks)  9/2
•   Lawrence Bertram  8/25
•   Mary Victoria Aka Vicki Bischof  8/25
•   Carolyn Major (Johnson)  8/25
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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 57.4%

A:   240   Joined
B:   178   Not Joined



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